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Fraudulent Tax Shelters - KMPG Goes Down Hard

In the leading criminal tax case ever filed, KMPG has copped a plea to using counterfeit tax shelters to bilk the administration out of 2.5 billion dollars.

Hurricane Katrina - How To Use Your Big business Loss To Get A Refund on 2004 Taxes

With the colossal losses caused by Katrina, the belt-tightening exercise of the Gulf Coast county is in exceedingly bad shape. Fortunately, there is a quirk in the tax code that can help you breed a large refund from your 2004 taxes.

Another Tax Loophole

Just image, you are a small manufacturing company, affair has been good, but days gone by you acknowledged a call from a buyer who wants 50,000 widgets in 45 days. The consumer is a large bill and if you turn the big business down, he may never call you again.

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