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Over 50% of marriages end in break apart in the United States. Many break up decrees comprise provisions for the payment of alimony. The IRS takes the arrangement that such payments constitute a form of earnings and coin an allowance tax deduction for the character building payments.

According to the IRS, grant payments are chargeable to the recipient in the year received. In turn, the anyone paying the allowance can claim a deduction for the payments if the next tests are met:

1. You and your husband or earlier partner do not file a joint come back with each other,

2. You pay in cash (including checks or money orders),

3. The annulment or separation instrument does not say that the payment is not alimony,

4. If lawfully separated under a declaration of break up or break away maintenance, you and your past husband are not members of the same household when you make the payment,

5. You have no liability to make any payment (in cash or property) after the death of your other half or ex- spouse; and

6. Your payment is not treated as child support.

If you are getting or paying alimony, you must use Form 1040 for your not public taxes. At any rate of earnings levels, deductions or miscellaneous tax issues, you cannot use Form 104A or Form 1040EZ.

In preparing your tax return, the character in receipt of child maintenance will arrive the in a row on line 11 of Form 1040. That being must also endow with their community confidence add up to to their earlier other half or face a fine of $50. The character paying the allowance can claim the deduction on line 34a of Form 1040.

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