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Haven't done your taxes yet? No problem. Now there is a new way you can use top tax software programs, like TurboTax and H&R Block, to get your taxes done cursorily and easily. And the best part is it won't cost you a thing.

The classified is an IRS curriculum called Free File, that allows you to cook and file your central tax benefit electronically, using these and dozens of other common tax software programs, for free!

Free File has been about for a few years, but it used to have very stringent pay food (i. e. , only taxpayers whose incomes were below a a number of level could use it). This year is the first time the benefit is being opened up to 99% of taxpayers.

Important: You must go because of the IRS administrator web site in order to get this deal. Go to http://www. irs. gov and click on the link at the top of the home page that says Free File. (Note: It's not on the direction-finding bar. It's on the home page itself. )

Next, you'll want to click the gray do up at the floor of the page that says, "Start Now. " At this point, you'll have the choice of browsing all of the armed forces accessible or choosing to use the "Guide Me to a Service" wizard to help you choose one. The wizard will ask you a few basic questions about your age and pay packet and then come back with a list of companies whose free foodstuffs meet your needs.

Why is the IRS doing this? In a nutshell, to save money. It's cheaper, earlier and easier for them to course of action proceeds electronically.

Why must you do it? As it's cheaper and easier to file, and you can get your refund faster.

Why are the big tax companies contribution this deal? They're trying to get you to upgrade to one of their expensive products, which offer equipment like tax preparation advice, the ability to import data from software you used last year, etc.

Also, state tax programs are not incorporated in this deal. So the companies in all probability be included that if you use their free federal agenda you'll end up exchange their state one.

Remember: You must go all through the IRS authoritative web site in order to get this deal. If you go to the tax companies' sites, you will not get this offer. In fact, some of these companies not only accusation you to do your benefit online, but then they'll also hit you with a fee once you try to file electronically. So you'll pay twice if you don't go through the IRS web site.

Happy tax preparing!

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