Taxes informational articles

Taxes information articles

Need an Offshore Sales Administrative center in a Tax Free Environment?

The 100 year old investment-banking firm of Warburg, Dillon Read (on Park Ave. N.

Small Businesses Filing Amended Central Tax Proceeds to Get better Money

Small Businesses Filing Amended Central Tax Takings to Convalesce Money By Darren Oliver April 15th may be gone but, but emphatically not ancient history - in particular if you, like millions of small businesses, inadvertently overpaid your national taxes and can get back money by filing an amended return. According to the IRS tax code, you have three years from the filing date for the tax year in cast doubt on to file an amended return.

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Bountiful Uncle Sam More than His Share

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Generous Uncle Sam More than His Share By Darren Oliver With the rush to file your taxes by April 15th, you doubtless did not care about the chance that you overpaid. According to the Broad Accounting Office, in 1998 alone, there was $311 million paid gratuitously to the IRS.

Alas! In E-Commerce Taxland

In frustrating to comply with tax laws for your e-business, you may find by hand declining down the rabbit-hole, going by means of the looking glass, and presence a Mad Tea-Party.Common sense, logic, and fairness never did apply fully to the field of taxation but this is in particular true of e-commerce transactions.

Rearrange Your Contact For Greatest extent Tax Savings

One way to capitalize on your affair profits is by dipping your taxes. Frequently, earnings and other taxes could be lowered considerably if only the taxpayer were enthusiastic to plan ahead.

Organizing Your Taxes

Does this scene sound familiar? It's April 7. You haven't seen the top of your dining room table in two weeks since of the piles of paid bills, receipts, given up for lost checks, and anonymous cash chronicle proceeds jacket it.

Seven Key Tax Deductions for the Self Employed

As a sole proprietor, it's wise to make famous physically with the some key deductions that may condense your tax bill for 2004.Small-business consultants in the main commend that you hire an accountant to get ready your tax returns, payroll and economic statements.

How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Secretarial System

One of the most important, but least silent or esteemed aspects of any affair is its secretarial or accounting system. And, for the reason that very few colonize know much about the reasons for a accounting system, most citizens are frightened by the belief of the work complicated in backdrop up such a system, and the grind of daily maintenance.


Knock-Knock-KnockWho's there?The IRS!The next paper payment of estimated earnings tax for the self-employed is not far off. Complex marketers who receive a form 1099 at the end of the year, and/or who are estimated to owe $1,000 or more in taxes, must file a form 1040-ES Payment Coupon magazine to avoid paying a penalty.

How to Bring down the Estate Tax Using the A-B Revocable Breathing Trust

In a past commentary I relayed the quandary of the widow who stated:"I didn't achieve what an A-B Revocable Existing Trust meant and that it had to be on bad terms amid the survivor and the departed husband and that I am imperfect as to what I can use from his share."She told me that she only academic of this after her wife agreed away.

Keeping Your Own Money - NOT Handing It Over To The Taxman

Most ancestors demanding to make a crust online (or offline for that matter) are so listening carefully on doing just that, they dispense with charming austere steps to make sure that they hang on to just as much of it as they can. Instead, they hand over large lumps of their hard-earned money in tax, as a rule in one of two false beliefs.

Tax Reform, My Way

We need real tax reform and we need it now. Prior attempts have been made at tax reform, but they have only provided band-aid solutions that have still left us with too many quirks, complication, and read tape.

Surprising Truths About Tax Preparers

Choosing the right tax preparer for your affair is a certitude best not left until April. A ex- tax preparer and small big business come up with offers insights into the classified world of tax preparers.

Navigating The Internet Sales Tax Laws

QUESTION: I have been contacted by my local city administration to say that my affair is scheduled to be audited to clarify if I owe any sales tax from items purchased on the Internet. Can they exceedingly make me pay this tax? I brain wave you could buy effects online tax free? -- Katie R.

Home Based Big business Tax Deductions

Running a home based affair reaps many brilliant tax deductions that other businesses some times may not claim. Regrettably to many small commerce owners end up paying the administration taxes every year as they are oblivious or quite a few small affair deductions that are available.

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How to avoid taxes, according to the "Mauritius Leaks" law firm  Quartz

A trove of leaked documents—known as the Mauritius Leaks—have shone a light on the contortions corporate giants go through to avoid paying taxes on money ...

Taxes Are Down, Down, Down  Mother Jones

As long as I'm making budget charts, here's another one for you: Over the past 40 years, the total tax burden in the US has declined from about 18 percent of ...

The one Democrat who can get Trump's state tax returns doesn't want to. That's infuriated the left.  NBC News

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law legislation designed to make it easier for Congress to obtain President Donald Trump's state tax returns.

Westchester Is Getting More Expensive With Sales-Tax Increase  Bloomberg

Just when it seemed like taxes in Westchester County couldn't get higher, they're about to go up again.

How IRS Taxes Fire Victims  Forbes

Do wildfire victims worry about their taxes? You bet. How fire victims are taxed depends on what they collect, what they claim on their taxes, if they are rebuilding ...

This is how much income tax you're paying to your state  CNBC

Hello, New York! The Empire State is home to some of the highest income taxes in the country. It collected $2249 per capita in individual income taxes in 2017, ...

This Dem Slow-Walked Getting Trump's Taxes—Now He's Getting Primaried  The Daily Beast

The powerful 70-year-old House Democrat from Massachusetts will face off against Alex Morse, the 30-year-old mayor of Holyoke.

State and Local Taxes Are Worsening Inequality  The New York Times

Economic inequality is on the rise in Illinois, and the state government is part of the problem. Illinois taxes low-income families at much higher rates than ...

Cowboys Training Camp Costs Players Hundreds Of Thousands In Taxes  Forbes

The Dallas Cowboys hold training camp in California, sticking some of their players with six figure tax bills.

It's time to shine a spotlight on the taxes struggling performers pay | TheHill  The Hill

Protecting performing artists and their families from undue financial burden is a bipartisan cause. We will fight for its swift passage to get it to the president's desk ...

Politicians have been slashing taxes, but poll indicates Mississippians willing to pay higher taxes  Mississippi Today

The state Legislature has been busy the past eight sessions cutting taxes, yet, at least 60 percent of Mississippians, based on a NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll, ...

Property taxes are doubling in three Utah cities and rising in 56 areas — mostly to pay for teachers, police and firefighters  Salt Lake Tribune

Brigham City residents escaped property tax increases for the past 18 years, but they may have to make up for it in a big way. Local leaders propose to more ...

Don't Waste Your Money Hybrid car owners angry over new fees and taxes John Matarese  WCPO Cincinnati

More than 20 states are now hitting hybrid and electric cars with new fees, which many owners say is unfair.

eBay Talks Sales Taxes and Changes to Its Buyer Pool  The Motley Fool

The hints at an operating rebound that eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) announced a few months ago are looking more like a reality today. The online marketplace ...

ZIP code breakdown shows where the money is in Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan  Chicago Tribune

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker has pitched his graduated-rate income tax plan by emphasizing that only a tiny sliver of Illinois residents would pay more if voters ...

When It Comes to Taxes, Sometimes It Pays to Say ‘I Don’t’  The Wall Street Journal

Committed couples who decide not to tie the knot can reap substantial tax savings.

Owed millions in back taxes, New Castle County goes after 'smaller,' blighted properties  The News Journal

New Castle County has been cracking down on tax-delinquent properties for much of the past year. But many parcels that owe the most in back taxes have not ...

Companies Could See Higher Taxes Under Cloud Computing Rules  Bloomberg Tax

Proposed IRS rules on how tech companies should characterize their cloud computing transactions could subject them to wildly different tax rates—from as high ...

Back-to-School Sales Tax ‘Holidays’ Lure Shoppers Despite Slim Savings  The New York Times

People who won't walk across the street to save $5 on a pair of pants will take a day off from work to take advantage of a sales-tax holiday,” a tax expert said.

Anti-ticket tax group failed to collect enough valid signatures for ballot issue  The Columbus Dispatch

The effort to place a charter amendment on the November ballot that would eliminate Columbus' two 5% ticket taxes and prevent future ticket taxes has run into ...

What Is The Best Time To Appeal A Cook County Property Tax Bill?  CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Every year, concern grows among homeowners throughout Cook County as property tax bills come in. The high bills could have to do with ...

The ‘digital services tax’ could set off another trade war. Countries must work together for a way out.  The Washington Post

EUROPEAN NATIONS are taking aim at U.S. technology companies with a cash-grabbing proposal that could set off another trade war. Now the world needs to ...

See if you really will get a tax cut from the state legislature this year; many Ohioans will pay more

CLEVELAND, Ohio - If you think the state legislature's budget work this year that included a 4% cut in Ohio income tax rates means you will pay less, you might ...

Foreign-Owned Banks’ Results Could Sweeten Further Under Tax Law  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump's tax cuts have been very good to big banks. For foreign-owned banks, they could get even better. The cuts allowed ...

ShoppingTown - already under orders to pay $9.7M in taxes - sues again for 'extreme' tax cut

ShoppingTown Mall has been declining for years as tenants move out. Onondaga County and the mall's owners are embroiled in a dispute over back taxes.

After U.S. Tax Overhaul, Corporate Rates Fall but Unevenly  The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. tax overhaul has lowered tax rates for many companies, and many others that were already toward the bottom of the scale have been able to stay there ...

Wealthy New Yorkers are ditching city's high taxes for Miami  New York Post

Affluent New Yorkers, distressed by recent changes to the nation's tax laws, are bucking the New York's high costs and heading to Florida's Miami-Dade County ...

The Problem with France's Plan to Tax Digital Companies  Harvard Business Review

France recently approved a 3% tax on revenues generated by large digital companies in its territory, a move that is now being investigated as a potentially unfair ...

3 tax-planning lessons from Joe Biden's tax returns  CNBC

Former Vice President Joe Biden takes the stage for the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate on June 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

Comptroller visits Carroll to kick off tax-free shopping, check in on burgeoning brewery industry  Baltimore Sun

Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week doesn't start until Aug. 11, but Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot visited Westminster a few days early to kick-off the annual ...

Equifax $650M Data Breach Settlement Could Bring Tax Deduction  Forbes

Equifax may pay $700 million for its 2017 data breach, but can it deduct it on its taxes?

NJ Gov. Murphy confident lawsuit against IRS over SALT tax deductions will succeed  CNBC

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is confident that his state's lawsuit against the federal government over charitable donation tax write-offs will succeed, he told ...

This town is hiking taxes. Blame its struggling mall.

Moorestown just approved a tax hike to help pay a tax settlement with its mall.

Fact-check: Faulty figures fuel Susana Mendoza’s Illinois-Indiana gasoline tax claim  Chicago Sun-Times

During a recent podcast interview, Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza defended the doubling of the state excise tax on gasoline by arguing, in part, consumers ...

The cleaner, the motel, and the chicken farm — a sample of NCCo's delinquent taxpayers  The News Journal

Behind the statistics of tax-delinquent properties in New Castle County often are stories of risk and struggle. Below are a sample of those stories that show why ...

Belgrade tax rate to increase 5.3% after special selectboard meeting  Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

The new tax rate will be $15.38 per $1000 of assessed property value, or a 68-cent increase.

No More Deals: San Francisco Considers Raising Taxes on Tech  WIRED

At a recent postmortem for the so-called Twitter tax break, the divisive San Francisco policy that drew tech companies to a beleaguered stretch of downtown, the ...

Why Macron Wants to Tax America First  The Wall Street Journal

The main question to ask about France's brazen tax grab on American tech companies is: How could anyone be so dumb? President Emmanuel Macron's ...

Morgan Stanley's rich clients withdrew a surprising amount from accounts to pay their taxes  CNBC

Wealthy clients liquidate some investments every year to cover their tax bill, so presumably this was higher than what Morgan Stanley has seen previously.

Would you pay less tax if you lived abroad?  BBC News

The country you live in plays a big part in how much tax is deducted from your wages.

Homeowners In Newly Annexed Glenview Park District Areas Will Be Refunded Tax Overages  Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

Property tax bills for 213 property owners in two areas recently annexed into the Glenview Park District incorrectly billed those residents a total of $254917.

Local option sales tax heads to ballots in 5 Polk County cities  KCCI Des Moines

Polk County residents in five cities will vote on a new local option sales tax in two weeks. One-cent sales tax increases will be placed on ballots in Grimes, ...

Lawmaker files bill to eliminate Alabama income, sales tax, replace with consumption tax

An Alabama Republican wants the state to do away with its income and sales taxes and replace it with a tax based on what people use.

Analysis | The Finance 202: Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax is popular. But voters worry it won't fly.  The Washington Post

The proposal represents an opportunity for Democrats.

Plan to raise $100 billion in taxes to fix Bay Area traffic taking shape  KGO-TV

A plan to raise up to $100 billion to fix the Bay Area's traffic problems through a tax is taking shape.

Shoppers gearing up for Oklahoma’s tax-free weekend  KFOR Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – The school year is just around the corner, and parents are working to save a little bit of money before sending those students back to class.

Beware. Other Nations Will Follow France With Their Own Digital Tax.  The New York Times

Last Thursday, the French Senate passed a digital services tax, which would impose an entirely new tax on large multinationals that provide digital services to ...

22 States Considered Eliminating the ‘Tampon Tax’ This Year. Here’s What Happened.  The New York Times

Menstrual products are subject to sales taxes in 35 states, and lawmakers' efforts to exempt them have foundered. Now supporters of 'menstrual equity' are ...

Kenwood developer owes millions in unpaid taxes, services  Times Union

ALBANY — A lofty plan to turn the former Kenwood Academy into a large development of apartments, townhomes, hotels and arts and entertainment facilities ...

Trump’s Tax Law Threatened TurboTax’s Profits. So the Company Started Charging the Disabled, the Unemployed and Students.  ProPublica

The move by TurboTax maker Intuit to charge more lower-income customers has helped boost revenue.

As Nations Look to Tax Tech Firms, U.S. Scrambles to Broker a Deal  The New York Times

The proposed levies on firms like Facebook and Google are pitting traditional allies against one another and threatening to set off a cascade of tax increases ...

Hernando to Consider Property Tax Rate Hike  Bay News 9

County administrator Jeff Rogers said Hernando has already cut more than 20 positions and $4 million in expenses, and it can't cut any more.

Family Who Refused To Pay Tax Claiming It Was 'Against God's Will' Loses In Court  Forbes

An Australian court has ordered a family to pay more than $2 million in taxes. The family had refused to pay tax claiming that it was “against God's will.”

The New Biden Tax  The Wall Street Journal

For a candidate who was supposed to be the voice of moderation in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden spends a lot of time ...

Horry County homeowners to see millage rollback after property tax increase  WMBF

Once every five years, the state requires the county assessor's office to reassess property values across Horry County.

This work perk can help you build wealth — or load you up with taxes and risk  CNBC

Company stock rewards workers with a share of ownership. Just make sure you aren't setting-and-forgetting this work perk. Failure to manage it properly could ...

How a Tax Loophole Is Helping Silicon Valley Workers Save Millions  The New York Times

A little-known tax break allows some start-up employees who own company stock to avoid paying taxes on up to $10 million when they sell their shares.

The fate of the Cadillac tax should be a wake-up call for proposed heath-care plans  The Washington Post

THE HOUSE voted last week to repeal a key piece of Obamacare. Hadn't heard? That's because hardly anyone in either party uttered a peep of concern; the ...

Will America go from hunter to hunted in cross-border tax evasion?  The Economist

AMERICA HAS launched brutal assaults over the past decade on countries, such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where banks have helped American citizens ...

Thousands likely overpaid property taxes due to computer glitch  New York Post

Actor Bruce Willis is among the thousands of Big Apple residents who may have overpaid their property taxes due to a new $18 million Department of Finance ...

As Seattle gets closer to an income tax, state Republicans work to stop it  Crosscut

Earlier this week, Seattle's attempt to tax the wealthy was once again declared unconstitutional, based on how the tax would affect certain taxpayers and not ...

Big U.S. Banks Are Earning Billions. Trump's Tax Cuts Are Helping.  The New York Times

The five largest banks in the United States reaped tens of billions of dollars in profits in the first half of the year, thanks in part to a strong economy and to the ...

Back-to-school sales tax holidays: These 16 states are giving families a tax break  USA TODAY

Millions of American families with children who are school- or college-bound will have the chance to save a few dollars this summer. Sixteen states are holding ...

France Moves to Tax Tech Giants, Stoking Fight With White House  The New York Times

PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron's government waded into a potentially messy fight with the White House on Thursday as French lawmakers voted to ...

Illinois home values down 21%, property taxes up 9% since 2007  Illinois Policy

Without serious property tax relief – including pension reform – it is likely fewer will demand planting roots in Illinois.

America needs to see Amazon’s tax returns  The Verge

Tax law keeps us from knowing what Amazon's tax bill really is — even as politicians like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and even Donald Trump call out the ...

EDITORIAL: Biden used a tax loophole to shave tax bill by $500K  Las Vegas Review-Journal

Former Vice President Joe Biden, now the front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, hates tax loopholes. His platform includes getting ...

What the IRS doesn’t tell you about self-employment taxes  MarketWatch

Many taxpayers get confused about whether they owe the 15.3% self-employment tax.

SF Supervisor Mar to pull IPO tax from ballot, replace with similar measure  San Francisco Chronicle

Supervisor Gordon Mar plans to pull a proposed tax on stock-based compensation — dubbed the IPO tax — from the November ballot and will instead put a ...

The comeback state of 2019: Kansas economy rebounds from tax-cutting disaster  CNBC

Kansas is running a budget surplus this year, and it is a big deal for the state, which saw revenue vanish in a disastrous tax-cutting experiment by former Gov.

Bipartisan House Coalition Votes to Repeal Health Law’s Cadillac Tax  The Wall Street Journal

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to repeal the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost employer health insurance, removing a piece of the Affordable ...

You Won't Believe How Complex Our Tax System Is -- Here's How to Make Sense of It  The Motley Fool

Guess which is longer -- the Harry Potter series or the U.S. tax code?

Part 15: People call for state to investigate how property taxes were calculated  KCTV Kansas City

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- Homeowners and a member of the Board of Equalization are saying the state needs to investigate how property taxes were ...

Township Wants Higher Taxes to Pay for Optional Employment Benefit  Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Insurance premiums offered to employees after retirement not fully prefunded.

Bayonne passes 2019 budget with tax increase, as officials see structural deficit decreasing

BAYONNE — The city council approved this year's municipal budget, approving a 2.6% municipal tax increase while chipping away at the city's structural deficit ...

Beloved Fort Collins 'geek' bar closes over unpaid taxes  The Coloradoan

Dungeons & Drafts — a geek-friendly gaming tavern that offered up theme parties and butterbeer in Fort Collins — has closed, according to a post made on its ...

JCPS wants to build new schools. But it may need more tax dollars, Marty Pollio says  Courier Journal

Faced with over $1 billion in facility needs, Jefferson County Public Schools is considering new ways to raise tax dollars. The JCPS board on Tuesday signed off ...

Bennington tax rate up 3.5%  Bennington Banner

BENNINGTON — The Select Board on Monday formalized town tax rates to support Bennington's general fund, highway and fire department budgets for the ...

Polygamists admit a $512-million fraud for fuel-tax credit  Los Angeles Times

Four family members belonging to a Utah polygamist group admitted defrauding the U.S. of $512 million in renewable-fuel tax credits.

How to Lower Your Retirement Tax Rate to Less Than 10%  Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Managing your income by using the right mix of investments and annuities in retirement could help you trim your retirement tax rate to under 10% ... even for ...

Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts faces big property tax hike, even bigger bill for back taxes after Tribune review  Chicago Tribune

Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts' designer Wilmette home is worth more than twice as much as previously thought — and that could more than double his property ...

Will your health plan dodge 40% tax hike?  Federal News Network

Thousands of feds in some of FEHBP's best and most expensive health plans may be spared from a pending 40% tax on their favorite plans.

A Message From the Billionaire’s Club: Tax Us  The New York Times

A group of wealthy Americans, some with inheritances and some with self-made fortunes, are calling for a tax on the net worth of people like them.

Norman looks to use sales tax to fund CART buses  KOKH FOX25

The city of Norman says it needs more money to maintain its public bus *service*. The city took over operations of Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) earlier ...

Sununu signs bill responding to sales tax ruling  WCAX

New Hampshire has passed legislation fighting back against a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for other states to collect sales tax from the state's ...

Belated state budget includes income tax cut, retains controversial business tax break

Changes to income taxes, school graduation requirements and the 2020 primary were all included in a two-year budget signed by Gov. Mike DeWine Thursday.

Report: WSOP Main Event Final Table Players Pay Almost $12 Million in Taxes

A review of federally licensed tax professional Russ Fox's annual report on how much those making the WSOP Main Event final table will have to pay in taxes.

What the IRS doesn’t tell you about self-employment taxes and how Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ turned a $50,000 investment into $30 million  MarketWatch

Happy Tuesday MarketWatchers. Don't miss these top stories: I treated my girlfriend to a vacation for paying off her car loan — how do I convince her to pay off ...

Tax Relief: How to Get Rid of Your Back Taxes  NerdWallet

If you owe back taxes, here are four common options that could help you find some tax relief.

Massachusetts cities and towns collected $2 million in marijuana taxes: Here's who's getting it, and how it's being spent

On June 28, the Department of Revenue distributed just over $2 million in marijuana local option taxes to 15 cities and towns.

Cuomo Signs a Bill to Allow Release of Trump’s State Tax Returns  The New York Times

As the battle over President Trump's federal taxes intensifies in Washington, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York signed a bill on Monday to allow ...

Officials will tour Bevin's home again to clear tax dispute  WKYT

Tax officials in Kentucky will get a second tour of Gov. Matt Bevin's Anchorage mansion amid a long-running dispute over whether the home is assessed too low ...

Facebook answers how Libra taxes & anti-fraud will work  TechCrunch

Facebook provided TechCrunch with new information on how its cryptocurrency will stay legal amidst allegations from President Trump that Libra could facilitate ...

Democrats' SALT tax-deduction repeal would benefit the rich: opinion  Business Insider

Democrats are pushing for a repeal of the cap on the state and local tax deduction, but a repeal would be a handout to wealthy taxpayers.

Betsy DeVos and family see profits soar after Trump tax reform bill, deregulation efforts  CNBC

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her family have seen their investments skyrocket since President Donald Trump started enacting pro-business policies.

What If Charity Replaced Taxation?  Foundation for Economic Education

Data show that rich countries that adhere to a welfare state model are not the most generous ones. When we check the Charities Aid Foundation World Giving ...

Fulton settles with state in tax fight; homeowners won’t owe  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Thousands of homeowners can keep their wallets closed because Fulton County and the state have ended their legal battle over frozen 2017 property values, ...

Defying Durkan, council directs extra soda tax money to low-income programs  Crosscut

The Seattle City Council pushed past threats of a mayoral veto Monday, approving legislation that would guarantee millions of dollars for programs that target ...

Disabled vet paid tax bill before home was auctioned -- the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office didn't know  AZCentral

Records show Jim Boerner paid tax bill a week before his home was auctioned by the sheriff's department. Officials are waiting for a decision on whether the ...

Lawmakers OK giving Trump a choice: Release taxes, or skip California primary  San Francisco Chronicle

California lawmakers are seeking once again to force President Trump to release his tax returns by blocking access to the state primary election ballot if he does ...

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