Taxes informational articles

Taxes information articles

Need an Offshore Sales Administrative center in a Tax Free Environment?

The 100 year old investment-banking firm of Warburg, Dillon Read (on Park Ave. N.

Small Businesses Filing Amended Central Tax Proceeds to Get better Money

Small Businesses Filing Amended Central Tax Takings to Convalesce Money By Darren Oliver April 15th may be gone but, but emphatically not ancient history - in particular if you, like millions of small businesses, inadvertently overpaid your national taxes and can get back money by filing an amended return. According to the IRS tax code, you have three years from the filing date for the tax year in cast doubt on to file an amended return.

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Bountiful Uncle Sam More than His Share

How Home-Based Businesses Can Avoid Generous Uncle Sam More than His Share By Darren Oliver With the rush to file your taxes by April 15th, you doubtless did not care about the chance that you overpaid. According to the Broad Accounting Office, in 1998 alone, there was $311 million paid gratuitously to the IRS.

Alas! In E-Commerce Taxland

In frustrating to comply with tax laws for your e-business, you may find by hand declining down the rabbit-hole, going by means of the looking glass, and presence a Mad Tea-Party.Common sense, logic, and fairness never did apply fully to the field of taxation but this is in particular true of e-commerce transactions.

Rearrange Your Contact For Greatest extent Tax Savings

One way to capitalize on your affair profits is by dipping your taxes. Frequently, earnings and other taxes could be lowered considerably if only the taxpayer were enthusiastic to plan ahead.

Organizing Your Taxes

Does this scene sound familiar? It's April 7. You haven't seen the top of your dining room table in two weeks since of the piles of paid bills, receipts, given up for lost checks, and anonymous cash chronicle proceeds jacket it.

Seven Key Tax Deductions for the Self Employed

As a sole proprietor, it's wise to make famous physically with the some key deductions that may condense your tax bill for 2004.Small-business consultants in the main commend that you hire an accountant to get ready your tax returns, payroll and economic statements.

How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Secretarial System

One of the most important, but least silent or esteemed aspects of any affair is its secretarial or accounting system. And, for the reason that very few colonize know much about the reasons for a accounting system, most citizens are frightened by the belief of the work complicated in backdrop up such a system, and the grind of daily maintenance.


Knock-Knock-KnockWho's there?The IRS!The next paper payment of estimated earnings tax for the self-employed is not far off. Complex marketers who receive a form 1099 at the end of the year, and/or who are estimated to owe $1,000 or more in taxes, must file a form 1040-ES Payment Coupon magazine to avoid paying a penalty.

How to Bring down the Estate Tax Using the A-B Revocable Breathing Trust

In a past commentary I relayed the quandary of the widow who stated:"I didn't achieve what an A-B Revocable Existing Trust meant and that it had to be on bad terms amid the survivor and the departed husband and that I am imperfect as to what I can use from his share."She told me that she only academic of this after her wife agreed away.

Keeping Your Own Money - NOT Handing It Over To The Taxman

Most ancestors demanding to make a crust online (or offline for that matter) are so listening carefully on doing just that, they dispense with charming austere steps to make sure that they hang on to just as much of it as they can. Instead, they hand over large lumps of their hard-earned money in tax, as a rule in one of two false beliefs.

Tax Reform, My Way

We need real tax reform and we need it now. Prior attempts have been made at tax reform, but they have only provided band-aid solutions that have still left us with too many quirks, complication, and read tape.

Surprising Truths About Tax Preparers

Choosing the right tax preparer for your affair is a certitude best not left until April. A ex- tax preparer and small big business come up with offers insights into the classified world of tax preparers.

Navigating The Internet Sales Tax Laws

QUESTION: I have been contacted by my local city administration to say that my affair is scheduled to be audited to clarify if I owe any sales tax from items purchased on the Internet. Can they exceedingly make me pay this tax? I brain wave you could buy effects online tax free? -- Katie R.

Home Based Big business Tax Deductions

Running a home based affair reaps many brilliant tax deductions that other businesses some times may not claim. Regrettably to many small commerce owners end up paying the administration taxes every year as they are oblivious or quite a few small affair deductions that are available.

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As the Trumps Dodged Taxes, Their Tenants Paid a Price  The New York Times

They were collateral damage as Donald J. Trump and his siblings dodged inheritance taxes and gained control of their father's fortune: thousands of renters in ...

After President Trump Signed the 'Last Minute Tax Law,' Married Couples Are Rushing to Get Divorced By December 31. (Why Didn't Anyone Predict This?)  Inc.

You might remember that a year ago, on the Friday before Christmas (Christmas was on a Monday last year), President Trump signed a last-minute tax law--in ...

Your 2019 Guide to the Alternative Minimum Tax  The Motley Fool

The alternative minimum tax, or AMT, was implemented in 1969 to ensure that all Americans pay their fair share of taxes -- particularly high-income individuals ...

Spanish Tax Authorities Charge Pop Star Shakira With Tax Evasion  Forbes

Spanish tax authorities have charged pop singer Shakira with tax evasion for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

California’s New Tax on Texting  The Wall Street Journal

California brings to mind the Beatles' famous song “Taxman.” The state already has the highest income-tax rate in the country on top of punishing sales and gas ...

Make tax moves in time to cut bill  Albany Times Union

Saving for retirement is a good idea, of course, but if you time things right and do your homework, some of your nest egg could also do double duty as a tax ...

The case for raising the alcohol tax

A higher alcohol tax would save lives, prevent crime, and mostly affect excessive drinkers.

Know These 6 Federal Tax Changes to Avoid a Surprise in 2019  U.S. News & World Report

Taxpayers should review their withholdings to ensure they don't owe a big tax bill in 2019, experts say.

Roanoke's treasurer taking a tougher approach to delinquent meals taxes  Roanoke Times

Two Roanoke restaurateurs are facing embezzlement charges for failing to pay more than $30000 in meals taxes to the city.

Louisiana urged to give refunds for thrown-out tax change  Wichita Eagle

The head of a powerful Louisiana business lobbying group is urging companies who operate in multiple states to pursue refunds for taxes paid under a 2015 ...

Gov. Inslee proposes $54.4B state budget with new tax on capital gains  The Seattle Times

Gov. Jay Inslee's $54.4 billion proposed state operating budget represents a roughly 20 percent increase from the existing budget.

'Tax Liens' Mean Towns Win, Homeowners Lose  NPR

When homeowners can't, or won't, pay their property taxes, local governments auction off the right to pay those taxes to private companies. Housing advocates ...

O rly? California considers plan to tax text messages  NBC News

Your texted emojis may soon cost you in California, if the state's public utilities commission votes to approve taxing text messages next month.

This falling market offers an opportunity to cut your taxes in retirement  CNBC

There might be a silver lining in this fall's recent market tumult: Now could be a good time to convert some of your retirement savings to a Roth IRA. We explain ...

Climate change: Protecting the poor from green taxes  BBC News

As President Macron caved into the yellow vest fuel tax protests, President Trump was triumphant. The French humiliation showed people rejected the sort of ...

N.J. mayors want higher taxes on marijuana. They are pushing a hard bargain.

EDITOR'S NOTE: New Jersey has never been closer to legalizing adult-use cannabis. If you are Interested in the marijuana business industry, NJ Cannabis ...

Opposition to tax hike surfaces  Kankakee Daily Journal

Two Bourbonnais village trustees plan to vote against a proposed tax levy increase.

Confused about tax return changes? Here's how to find your new bracket  CNBC

The IRS has updated its individual income tax brackets for the new year. The agency has also tweaked its standard deduction and done away with a $695 ...

Illegal Tax Moves to Avoid  U.S News & World Report Money

It may seem like a harmless fib, but lying on your taxes can result in fees, interest and penalties.

PENNCREST board approves tax index, Pride projects | News  Meadville Tribune

SAEGERTOWN — PENNCREST School Board recently approved a resolution to establish its maximum potential tax rate increase for the 2019-20 school year.

Inslee’s big tax plan: Even Democratic lawmakers aren’t all on board  The Seattle Times

While many say they support his ambitious budget proposal, Washington's Democratic lawmakers Friday gave mixed reviews of Gov. Jay Inslee's $3.7 billion tax ...

Feds Collect Record Taxes Through November; Still Run $305.4B Deficit

( - The federal government collected record total tax revenues of $458,653,000,000 in October and November, the first two months of fiscal 2019, ...

Water rates rise but no property tax increase in Linesville borough  Meadville Tribune

LINESVILLE — Property owners in Linesville will not see an increase in property taxes in 2019, but residents in the borough and in Pine Township will see an ...

Bitcoin Will Be Worthless Until You Can Pay Your Taxes With It  Bloomberg

When faced with the charge that cryptocurrencies have no inherent value, believers often counter that paper money doesn't either. Such a defense is intuitive, ...

The Golden Age of Rich People Not Paying Their Taxes  The Atlantic

An eight-year campaign to slash the IRS's budget has left the agency understaffed, hamstrung, and operating with archaic equipment. The result: a ...

Lebanon underpaid school districts $3.1 million in tax money  Dayton Daily News

The City of Lebanon underpaid two local school districts $3.1 million in property taxes collected through taxing districts established to help pay for roads and ...

Cell Phone Taxes and Fees in 2018  Tax Foundation

A typical American household with four wireless phones paying $100 per month for taxable wireless *service* can expect to pay about $229 per year in wireless ...

Maybe It’s Not Taxes That Scare Off Business but Failing Subways  The New York Times

Amazon is coming to New York despite the city's transit horrors. Other companies may not be so forgiving.

Stamford seeks to park more cars on city tax rolls  The Advocate

STAMFORD — Investigators soon may be traversing the streets with cameras and license-plate readers, gathering information that can be checked against ...

Pay Your Taxes In Bitcoin, Trigger Tax Losses On Price Drop Too  Forbes

With Bitcoin and other crypto prices down again, many holders don't want to sell. But if you owe taxes, how about paying them in Bitcoin? Selling now may ...

7 year-end tax tips to boost your refund  CNBC

The new tax law has put a whole new spin on year-end tax planning, though it hasn't eliminated the need to do it altogether. "The tricks we had in our back ...

Employer taxes, rent caps, and more in big, bold Bay Area housing plan  The Mercury News

Rent caps, new taxes, emergency assistance, anti-eviction policies and more are all on the table in this big and bold agenda to build and preserve housing in ...

Who can deduct property taxes for this house?

You can only take the deduction for property taxes under certain circumstances.

Paris Is Burning Over Climate Change Taxes -- Is America Next?  Forbes

The bottom line is this: economic freedom—the kind you get with a large middle class—leads to prosperity, economic growth, and technological innovation.

‘Historic’ Tax Refunds Will Extend Retail Boom Into 2019  Bloomberg

Polling shows that many Americans don't like the landmark tax overhaul passed a year ago, but maybe that's because they haven't received a bulk of the ...

In early win for party’s left, House Democrats back off tax rule  The Washington Post

House Democrats have backed off a proposed rule that would have made it more difficult for them to raise taxes and pass their most ambitious goals, an early ...

Oregon lawmakers get a taste of possible tax hikes in 2019

Business begins for the day on the floor of the Oregon House of Representatives on May 14, 2015 at the Capitol in Salem. Randy L. Rasmussen/Staff LC- The ...

Agent's Take: Here are the NFL's real highest-paid players after taxes and salary deferrals are considered  CBS Sports

We did the math, and these 15 players are the real top earners in 2018.

China's Rich Rush to Shelter $1 Trillion From New Taxes  Bloomberg

Wealthy Chinese are rushing to shelter assets and income in overseas trusts before new tax rules go into effect next month, including provisions that target ...

California proposes a plan to tax text messages  CNN

San Francisco (CNN Business) California regulators want to tax text messages to increase funds for programs that bring connectivity to underserved residents.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushes state gas tax increase to fund major transportation bill  Chicago Tribune

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday called for a 20 to 30 cent per gallon increase in the state's gas tax to fund a major statewide transportation bill.

How single folks should handle estate-tax planning under the new tax law  MarketWatch

The hugely increased estate and gift tax exemption is indeed a tax cut for the rich.

Divorcees can save on taxes — if they take this one step  CNBC

If you're planning on shedding weight in 2019 — in the form of your soon-to-be ex — be sure you understand this tax-planning benefit. Why the "head of ...

Paying Taxes Wisely: A Fresh Look at Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies  Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Sometimes it pays to go against conventional wisdom. Here are two ways to possibly reduce taxes in retirement while extending the life of your nest egg by ...

0%: The correct corporate tax rate | TheHill  The Hill

If many corporations are already effectively paying nothing in taxes, why bother with an official tax rate?

What Are the 2019 Tax Brackets?  Motley Fool

Here's a look at the tax brackets for 2019 and what they could mean to you.

Reedsburg City Administrator resigns over error, taxes will increase over 6 percent  Baraboo News Republic

Stephen Compton resigned from his duties as city administrator for Reedsburg amid budget errors and a miscommunication with the council when presenting ...

All the Taxes in France  The Wall Street Journal

Even before the fuel tax, France had the highest burden in the West.

Taxes could present 'significant problem' for Trump, says ex-federal prosecutor | TheHill  The Hill

Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi on Monday said that taxes could present significant legal hurdles for President Trump after federal prosecutors in New ...

Why greens are turning away from a carbon tax  POLITICO

Putting an economic price on greenhouse gases is proving a hard sell with the public, even as time to head off climate change shrinks.

Europe won't give up on new tech taxes  CNN

London (CNN Business) EU plans for a new tech tax are on life support. But Facebook and Google could still be on the hook for millions in payments.

This Is the No. 1 Thing Americans Plan to Do With Their 2018 Tax Refunds  The Motley Fool

Though we're well before the point when Americans will start collecting refunds for the 2018 tax year, thanks to the recent tax overhaul, a large number of ...

House Democrats to seek Trump tax returns: Pelosi  Reuters

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that members of congress from her party will seek to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns when they ...

French Riots Really Aren't About Global Warming — They're About Tax Heavy Socialism  Investor's Business Daily

Noisy demonstrations in Paris and other European aren't merely about global warming. They're about the growing tax burden they face and the EU's socialism.

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act: 3 Changes You Should Know  Forbes

Tax season is coming more quickly than you might think — has the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected you? Read here to discover more!

Water tax issues sees North Greenbush taxing Rensselaer residents  Times Union

RENSSELAER – Kenneth Downes has lived at 3 Indiana Ave. for 72 years on the border with North Greenbush, faithfully paying his city, school, county and ...

FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs  Ars Technica

At AT&T's urging, committee proposes tax on websites to pay for rural broadband.

How State Taxes Could Affect Where Bryce Harper and Manny Machado End Up  Sports Illustrated

Contract value can fluctuate substantially depending on the state. How might that affect the negotiations for Harper and Machado?

GM has barely paid federal taxes for years. Here's why  CNN

GM has used one of the most popular tax breaks in corporate America to reduce, or even eliminate, its federal income tax bill since it came out of bankruptcy.

The Trump tax cuts are putting America in a hole  Yahoo Finance

Tax cuts and a slowing economy will erode America's fiscal strength during the next decade, according to a new report from Moody's Investor *Service*, the ...

It's Harvest Season for Tax Losses

The key to the practice of selling losers to offset gains elsewhere is to not leave the cash raised univested for long.

Nassau residents on tax reassessment: 'Where do I get that money  News 12 Long Island

The prospect of higher taxes for more than half of Nassau residents was enough to bring hundreds of people to the legislative building in Mineola Wednesday ...

Modesto City Council approves tax rate for marijuana retailers  The Modesto Bee

The City Council in Modesto, California, has approved a tax rate for cannabis retailers and other marijuana businesses, including distribution, microbusiness, ...

The 13 N.J. counties where undocumented immigrants pay the most in taxes, ranked

Though they are living here illegally, undocumented immigrants are paying millions in taxes, according to estimates.

Timberline Ski Resort owner arrested on unpaid taxes charge

The owner of Timberline Four Season Resort, in Tucker County, is facing a misdemeanor charge after authorities said the resort failed to pay its hotel/motel ...

It May Be Time to Stop Itemizing Your Tax Deductions  NerdWallet

The standard deduction nearly doubled for 2018, leaving many taxpayers wondering whether itemizing tax returns is worth the effort anymore. Tax pros share ...

California is Considering Taxing Texts. Here's the 1 Insane Detail Hardly Anyone Has Noticed  Inc.

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. It sounded bad. So bad, in fact, that it was just the sort of ...

Taxes going down in Delaware County  WPVI-TV

Taxes are going down for Delaware County residents.

Property taxes are going up in Lynn - Itemlive  Daily Item

With no discussion, the Lynn City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to set the lowest residential tax rate at $14.30 per $1,000 home assessment.

Unit 5 OKs property tax levy with 9.21% increase  Bloomington Pantagraph

NORMAL — Homeowners in McLean County Unit 5 can expect an increase in property taxes in 2019 as the district pays off new debts, school administrators ...

Kentucky physician sentenced after failing to pay taxes for 4 years  WKYT

Dr. Werner Grentz, 69, was sentenced to federal prison Wednesday after authorities say he falsely reported his yearly income as $0 between the tax years ...

California considering text message tax – but iMessages would be exempt  9to5Mac

California is considering introducing a tax on text messages. The reason? Because nobody makes phone calls any more. While you might not be aware ...

France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate-change taxes  The Washington Post

The single most effective weapon in the fight against climate change is the tax code — imposing costs on those who emit greenhouse gases, economists say.

Pay Taxes With Bitcoin? Ohio Says Sure  The Wall Street Journal

Ohio appears set to become the first state to accept bitcoin for tax bills, a show of support for a technology that has garnered lots of hype but failed to gain traction ...

Hundreds of Thousands in France Protest Taxes by Blocking Roads  The New York Times

The country's “Yellow Vest” movement demonstrated nationwide, blocking roads and roundabouts, to register anger about fuel taxes and the loss of purchasing ...

Republicans are taxing churches to help corporations. Really.  The Washington Post

Republicans tax churches to help pay for big corporate giveaway. You would be forgiven for thinking this is a headline from the Onion or the fantasy of some ...

State income tax to drop, edging closer to 5 percent  The Boston Globe

The state's income tax rate will drop from 5.1 percent to 5.05 percent in January. But other changes could be in store for taxpayers if the economy keeps ...

UBS report: Many Americans should expect bigger tax refunds in 2019  Business Insider

The new GOP tax law went into effect at the start of 2018, and a UBS analysis suggests it could have a big impact on federal tax refund checks.

Cook County restores tax on parking apps before January cut took effect  Chicago Tribune

Cook County commissioners voted to repeal a parking app tax cut set to take effect next month.

No, The Deficit Isn't 'Soaring,' But Tax Revenues Are At Record Highs  Investor's Business Daily

In the first two months of the new fiscal year, tax revenues are up. But so is the deficit. Why? Because spending continues to outpace revenues. So why do tax ...

Sherrod Brown’s tax math on GM moving to Mexico  The Washington Post

The senator from Ohio said GM's tax rate would be cut in half if it moved its Lordstown plant to Mexico. That's open to interpretation.

Kansas faces new fight over taxes after years of turmoil  The Associated Press

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas' new Democratic governor promised not to raise taxes to meet her goals of boosting spending on public schools and social ...

France Suspends Fuel Tax Increase That Spurred Violent Protests  The New York Times

PARIS — Trying to quell its most serious political crisis, the government of President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday that it would suspend the ...

Miami's oldest church slapped with a $7 million tax bill  Miami Herald

The First Presbyterian Church of Miami, the oldest organized congregation in the city, has been hit with a $7.1 million tax bill by the Miami-Dade Property ...

It may be time to stop itemizing your taxes  Yahoo Finance

Around this time of year, many taxpayers begin the annual ritual of pondering The Big Question: Do I take the standard deduction or spend time hunting for ...

1 Smart Tax Move to Make in December 2018  Motley Fool

Most of the provisions of the tax reform bill that passed in late 2017 took effect at the beginning of this year. Between new tax rates and brackets, expansions of ...

Six tax deductions you'll lose on your 2018 return  CNBC

If you were hoarding receipts in a shoebox with the hope of claiming a big break on your 2018 taxes, prepare to be disappointed. That's because the Tax Cuts ...

Why pro athletes may lose a fortune because of the new tax law  MarketWatch

CPAs who work with athletes say they can no longer get full deductions for state and local taxes — or for itemizing.

Macron, Confronting Yellow Vest Protests in France, Promises Relief  The New York Times

PARIS — Faced with violent protests and calls for his resignation, President Emmanuel Macron of France said Monday that he had heard the anger of the many ...

Did a Tax Increase Tucked Into Trump’s Tax Cut Come Back to Bite Republicans?  The New York Times

Republicans capped a popular deduction for state and local taxes to pay for the tax bill. That may have hurt some House Republicans in the midterms.

Kentucky doctor really didn’t like paying taxes on hefty income. Now he’s headed to prison  Lexington Herald-Leader

A Kentucky doctor who evaded paying more than $1.1 million in federal income taxes has been sentenced to four years in prison. Dr. Werner Grentz, 69, ...

House Republicans Recast Tax Bill, Seeking New Momentum  The Wall Street Journal

House Republicans reshaped their tax bill, trying again to build momentum for a plan that has struggled to gain support in both chambers of Congress.

County raises property taxes to pay for stadiums  WCPO Cincinnati

The so-called worst stadium deal ever struck by a local government got worse Wednesday.

Herbert proposes $200 million tax cut — but also new taxes to 'broaden' Utah's shrinking tax base  Deseret News

In a year with more than $1 billion in new state revenue, Gov. Gary Herbert is proposing a $200 million sales tax cut to help Utahns keep more money in their ...

North Dakota governor proposes tax exemption for military pay, pensions  Military Times

Gov. Doug Burgum wants to exempt military pay and pensions from North Dakota income taxes, arguing in part that retaining veterans could help the state fill ...

Going Through Divorce? Start These 3 Steps Today To Save On Taxes  Forbes

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act eliminated the alimony deduction for divorces after 2018. The new law will mean less money for expenses of the two household.

In eulogy, Alan Simpson praises George HW Bush for raising taxes  Washington Examiner

Former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson on Wednesday used his eulogy of George H.W. Bush as an opportunity to praise the former president for agreeing to raise ...

A no-brainer tax break — if you’re old enough and have a traditional IRA  San Francisco Chronicle

People who are at least 70½ years old and donate to charity should consider making the donation from their individual retirement account to take advantage of a ...

Proposed foreign tax credit regulations issued  Journal of Accountancy

The IRS issued proposed regulations on the determination of the foreign tax credit after the changes in the law made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

New tax on nonprofit salaries means less money going to the mission  Star Tribune

The big corporate tax cut in last year's tax bill drew most of the attention, yet a very big change has come for nonprofits: a tax bill they haven't seen before if they ...

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